If I Slip and Fall on a Boat, Do I Have a Case?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I’m often asked if you slip and fall on a boat, do you have a case? Good question. Our miles and miles of shoreline in Florida, very often people are injured while out on the water. There’s specific type and body of law that applies to these claims. It’s called Maritime Law. Very often, it makes it easier to recover if you slip and fall on a boat than if you did it on dry land. There’s a specific law called the Jones Act that determines what body of law applies to what type of a claim. It’s all very complicated. Honestly, you need an attorney to help you and guide you through this process. At Kelleher Law, the consultation is free. Come and meet with us and we’ll explain this area of law to you. Visit us at jimforjustice.com today or call us at 833-JIMFORJUSTICE.