What Are the Differences Between a Car and Truck Accident?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I’m often asked: What are the differences between a car accident and a truck accident? Obviously, the size of the vehicles themselves make them very different situations. I’ve seen devastating injuries caused by trucks colliding with vehicles. People have been terribly, terribly injured. First and foremost, there are federal regulations involved that govern the operation of trucks and truck drivers. We need to investigate quickly and see whether any of these regulations have been violated. Secondly, we have a team of experts that we dispatch to the scene of an accident almost immediately. Trucks contain black boxes, which contain electronic data that can be downloaded, and we can find out things such as the speed of the truck, whether it took evasive action, and even whether the truck driver applied his brakes. It’s very, very important early on in the case to get the team of experts out there to access that data. You need to consult with a lawyer early, early in these situations. The consultation at our firm is always FREE. Visit us at jimforjustice.com or call us at 833-JIMFORJUSTICE.