What is Premises Liability?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I’m often asked: What is premises liability? Premises liability is a term that encompasses a wide variety of situations where someone is injured on someone else’s premises. Commonly, they’re known as slip and fall cases and they occur in department stores or grocery stores where something has spilled and has been on the ground. A person in the store doesn’t see it, slips and falls and is injured. Another type of premises liability case is what’s called a trip and fall. Those are cases where someone trips over broken concrete or a pothole in a parking lot. Something like that. In both of these situations, it’s imperative that very early on these situations be documented. A broken sidewalk can be repaired. A pothole can be filled in. It’s important to consult with an attorney early in these cases. A consultation with our firm is always FREE. Please visit us at jimforjustice.com or call us at 833-JIMFORJUSTICE.