What Should I Do After Being Bitten by a Dog?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Very often I’m asked by people what they should do after they’ve been bitten by a dog. It’s a very good question. First and foremost, you need to get medical attention. Very often dogs break the skin in these bites, and obviously, the consequences of that can be significant, so get to a hospital or a doctor quickly. After that, it’s important to report it to the police. The police will prepare a report, and it will be on file. It will verify the time, the date, and the location of what’s happened. Also, please keep records of dog bites so we can determine whether this particular dog has bitten anyone before. Next, it’s important to find out whether there’s applicable insurance coverage. Don’t trust the insurance company to tell you whether there’s insurance coverage. Talk to a lawyer. Lastly, there’s local ordinances and laws pertaining to dogs. Those are very important. Sometimes a violation of that law is enough to establish negligence. If you’d like to consult with us, the consultation is FREE. Visit jimforjustice.com today or call us at 833-JIMFORJUSTICE.