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Car accident in Fort Myers, Florida where car is pulled off to the side. Car accidents happen every day all over the United States, and Fort Myers, Florida, is no exception. Ft Myers attracts countless tourists year-round, which increases the odds of being involved in an auto accident with so many visitors who are unfamiliar with the roads. Our attorney, James “Jim for Justice” Kelleher, has helped injured clients recover compensation for their pain and suffering with just settlements and successful verdicts

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Dangerous Intersections for Car Accidents in Fort Myers 

When an intersection has a high number of car accidents, it’s often a sign of defective road design or poor engineering. The absence of traffic signals and other precautions such as speed bumps can be linked to an increased number of car crashes in a given area in Fort Myers. The intersection of Winkler Avenue and Aldermans Walk Boulevard, for example, only has a stop sign, and residents created a petition to urge Lee County officials to make changes but have not been successful. Some Fort Myers drivers believe the intersection is a “deadly nightmare waiting to happen.”

U.S. 41 has multiple intersections in Fort Myers that have been dangerous in the past, including U.S. 41 and Six Mile Cypress, College Parkway, Pine Island Road, and Daniels Parkway. The junction where Six Mile Cypress connects with Colonial Boulevard is also a common area for car accidents in Fort Myers. Where Colonial meets with SR 82 and I-75 are also hazardous intersections. Kismet Parkway and 24th Ave. in Cape Coral is also a dangerous crossroad. Others include: 

  • Lee Boulevard and Gunnery Road 
  • Veterans Parkway and Del Prado Boulevard
  • Summerlin and College Parkway

Pedestrians in these areas are also at risk of being seriously injured in a car accident. 

What to Do After a Car Accident in Fort Myers 

What you do after a car accident will directly affect the outcome of your case. The first step you must take is to recognize your injuries and the injuries of others involved in the crash. Call 911 to get medical attention right away and move your car out of traffic, if possible.

If your injuries are seemingly minor, wait for the police to arrive and file a police report. While you wait, exchange insurance information with the other driver(s) and write down the name and contact details for all parties involved as well as witnesses to the car accident. Take photographs of the scene, as busy intersections and road conditions can quickly change the area where the collision occurred. That will help our attorney reconstruct the accident and establish liability. 

Whether your injuries are severe or not, you must seek medical attention. A minor headache can be a warning sign of a traumatic brain injury, and other symptoms of invisible injuries may not stick out to you. A trained medical professional will know what to look for, and your medical records will accurately reflect your car accident injury. It’s also critical to your health, and your car accident claim that you follow your doctor’s instructions and treatments. 

The next step is to speak with an experienced car accident attorney to determine the best way to pursue your claim. Do not admit fault to the other driver, the police, or an insurance adjuster. It’s best to wait to speak with the insurance company until you’ve consulted with an attorney to avoid harming your claim. 

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