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November 30, 2023

Motorcycle accidentFlorida and Georgia have some of the most registered motorcycles in the nation, with Florida being third. Unfortunately, they also have some of the most motorcycle accidents in the country. 

If you’ve been injured in a …

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November 15, 2023

Negligent securityDid you know that property owners are legally obligated to provide you with a safe environment? If they failed to take reasonable steps in ensuring your safety and their failure led to your harm, you may consider filing a premises liability claim due to negligent security

Learn what constitutes negligent security and when to start working with an attorney. 

What Is Considered…

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October 31, 2023

Car accidentMotor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes of death in the United States. In Georgia, motor vehicle crashes were the second leading cause of death in…

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Category: Car Accidents
October 15, 2023

Being injured at the workplace or due to workplace conditions can be distressing. From dealing with your injury to the pain and suffering of lost wages, medical bills, and more, it can feel like even more of an injury when your workers’ compensation claim is denied. 

Don’t give up hope. Claim denials can be appealed, and with the help of an attorney, you may be able to receive the compensation you are due. Learn more about…

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September 30, 2023

Personal injury attorneyIf you have been involved in an accident or have been injured due to the negligence or misconduct of another person or persons, you may want to speak with a professional about your legal options. The legal process can be complicated and stressful, and acquiring the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney is important. To help you make an informed decision, these tips can help you find a personal injury…

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Category: Personal Injury
September 15, 2023

Personal injuryAfter you've been injured, navigating the legal system and seeking compensation can feel stressful and confusing. Not only are you trying to heal, but you may also be dealing with medical bills, missed work, and more. If you decide to wait to take action in your personal injury case, you could miss your chance to receive compensation. Understanding Georgia's statute of limitations on personal injury…

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Category: Personal Injury
August 31, 2023

Wrongful death case wrongful death case arises when a person’s death is a direct result of someone’s wrongful act or negligence. This is a difficult thing to deal with without legal help because, after the death of a loved one, you are looking to grieve and remember that person. The last thing on your mind is trying to handle legal issues. 

The Kelleher Law team can help take the weight of the legal system off of your shoulders, so you…

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Category: Wrongful Death
August 15, 2023

Although they are our best friends, dogs can sometimes lash out and bite someone. Dog bite injuries are fairly common and can result in serious injury and, in rare cases, death. If you or a loved one is a victim of a dog bite, it is important to know that you do have legal options that you can exercise. Kelleher Law can help make sure that your physical, emotional, and financial distress is compensated for. 

What Should I Do After I’m…

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Category: Dog Bites
July 31, 2023

Injuries and accidents can happen anywhere, especially in places that people visit frequently, are constantly changing, and have many people. The grocery store is one of those places with people going nearly every week, new layouts, cleaning, reorganized displays, and having many people. Common injuries at the grocery store can happen due to anywhere from damaged or slippery floors to defective products such as faulty carts, though injury can occur for any reason and, with the many moving parts at…

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July 15, 2023

With summer firmly here, the sun is out and calling for fun! Getting outside, stretching your legs, hiking, family trips, grilling, or even being out on the lake. There are so many ways to enjoy the summer months and activities to participate in. However, fun can’t be sustained unless we also consider elements of safety. If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Myers, and Naples, Florida areas then you’re no stranger to water activities and boat riding. But to keep fun at full-throttle and…

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