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From the beginning of my case, the insurance company never wanted to admit I was hurt. They never offered much more than my medical bills and that was after more than a year in court. When we finally went to trial, Jim Kelleher was fantastic. He totally connected with the jury and got them to award me $250,000 which was WAY more than any offer I had ever received. If you want a lawyer who will fight for you and who can beat those insurance people at their own game, hire Jim Kelleher!!
After trying to deal with the insurance company myself, I finally gave up and called Jim Kelleher. Wow did things change quickly! He got them to repair my car right away and got me in to see the medical specialists I needed to see for my injuries. He knew exactly how to handle those insurance people! If you have been in an accident, don’t do what I did….call him right away!!
I wasn’t sure what to do after my car accident. The best move I made was deciding to hire Jim Kelleher to represent me. He was knowledgeable and compassionate and was right with me every step of the way. The case was resolved quickly and without any hassle at all. I was very happy with the settlement amount. I HIGHLY recommend Jim to anyone needing an attorney!