Workers' Comp Denied? Hire a Lawyer

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Posted: October 15, 2023

Being injured at the workplace or due to workplace conditions can be distressing. From dealing with your injury to the pain and suffering of lost wages, medical bills, and more, it can feel like even more of an injury when your workers’ compensation claim is denied. 

Don’t give up hope. Claim denials can be appealed, and with the help of an attorney, you may be able to receive the compensation you are due. Learn more about workers’ compensation claims and how partnering with legal counsel can help. 

Why Do Workers’ Comp Claims Get Denied? 

There can be a multitude of reasons your claim is initially denied. Many of them relate to processing and filing issues. Though it may seem tedious and confusing, the filing portion of your claim can be as important to you receiving compensation as the actual injury. 

Failure to abide by the reporting and filing process, such as not reporting your injury to your employer within 30 days or filling out incorrect forms, can lead to a denial, regardless of the strength of your case. 

What To Do After a Denial? 

As insurance companies pay workers’ compensation, it is in their best interest for your claim to not succeed. They may attempt to have your claim denied through bureaucratic means or by calling into question the nature of your injury. 

Because of their expertise, it can be difficult for the average person to combat them successfully. Hire a lawyer to argue your claim and maneuver against the insurance companies

Not only does a lawyer know the necessary filing dates and procedural legalese, but they will also know how to assess the strength of your claim and what other evidence may be needed for a successful claim, and they may even help you obtain it. 

Let Kelleher Law Help with Workers’ Compensation 

Fighting for your compensation while also combatting injury and pain would be difficult for anyone, let alone someone unversed in the law. Hiring an understanding and capable attorney can be the first step toward receiving what you are owed. 

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