How You May Benefit From Filing a Negligent Security Case

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Posted: November 15, 2023

Negligent securityDid you know that property owners are legally obligated to provide you with a safe environment? If they failed to take reasonable steps in ensuring your safety and their failure led to your harm, you may consider filing a premises liability claim due to negligent security

Learn what constitutes negligent security and when to start working with an attorney. 

What Is Considered Negligent Security? 

When a property owner fails to take reasonable precautions towards ensuring the safety of those on their property, there may be cause for negligent security if the people on the property are injured. 

Because reasonable precautions vary from location to location, the constituting aspects of negligent security may also differ. However, some common ones are: 

  • Broken locks that fail to protect you 
  • Lack of security camera or alarm 
  • Lack of security guards or hiring poor security personnel

As stated before, negligent security is determined by factors particular to the location, such as crime rates, the type of property, and more. 

The best people to help you determine the strength of a premises liability claim are attorneys well-versed in the legal matter. 

What Can an Attorney Help You With? 

Premises liability cases vary. Not only are they contingent upon the property in question, but each state has its own legal definition. An experienced attorney will have the knowledge required for filing court documents, meeting legal deadlines, and knowing who to name as the liable party.

The liable party can be the property owner, an individual security personnel, a security team, or someone else involved in the incident. Knowing who may be responsible comes at the end of a thorough investigation by a capable attorney. 

Let Kelleher Law Help With Negligent Security

Working with an experienced and capable attorney can help you during stressful times. They can investigate on your behalf and help you understand your options by providing legal advice and support. 

Contact Kelleher Law today at 833-546-3675 or submit a contact form online. With decades of experience advocating for their clients, their team can provide expert advice and services in Fort Myers, Naples, FL, and Atlanta, GA.

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