Workers’ Comp vs. Personal Injury: Which is Right for You?

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Posted: May 11, 2021
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Workers' Comp vs. Personal Injury

Workers’ compensation is designed to provide injured workers with the financial support they will need to make the best recovery possible. In the state of Florida, most businesses with four or more employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and to follow all of the regulations set in place by the Department of Financial Services for its administration.

The largest benefit of workers’ comp is that, regardless of what caused an accident (barring gross employee negligence), workers who sustain an injury on the job are entitled to compensation for weekly wages and medical expenses. The drawback, however, is that these things are capped and may not take into account the long-term emotional and physical suffering brought about by some injuries.

Personal injury law is designed to help people who have been injured through no fault of their own to get compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, personal pain and suffering, and more. This type of action typically necessitates an attorney and there is no guarantee of a positive outcome.

The largest benefit of a personal injury claim is the ability to seek compensation well beyond the offerings of workers’ compensation insurance. Drawbacks include a longer waiting period before compensation is received and the potential for failure.

Which is Right for You?

Workers’ comp is absolutely the best choice under some circumstances. A personal injury claim is absolutely the best choice under others. One of the most effective ways to tell which is right for you is through a private and confidential consultation with an attorney who handles both types of claims.

The attorneys at Kelleher Law help victims of workplace injury get the compensation they need. This may be through assistance with a workers’ comp claim or a personal injury case, depending entirely on which makes the most sense for you. During your complimentary consultation, we will listen to your claim, provide frank and honest information about all of your choices, and help you determine the most effective path forward.

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