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Posted: June 14, 2021
It’s National Safety Month, a month dedicated to educating workers on workplace dangers. During National Safety Month, the National Safety Council supplies employers with resources, educational materials, and other types of support to encourage more conversations around workplace safety and to… Read Full Post
Posted: May 11, 2021
Workers’ compensation is designed to provide injured workers with the financial support they will need to make the best recovery possible. In the state of Florida, most businesses with four or more employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and to follow all of the… Read Full Post
Posted: December 11, 2020
There are 14.6 million licensed drivers in the state of Florida, making ours the state with the third-highest percentage of legal drivers. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department reports that there are around 650 auto accidents in our state every day, accounting for approximately… Read Full Post
Posted: October 16, 2020
Neck injury is a common consequence of accidents. Motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and any other type of accident in which impact to the head, neck, or back is possible can result in damage, but identifying a neck injury can be very difficult if you’re not certain what to look for… Read Full Post
Posted: July 20, 2020
Slip and fall accidents are common in retail establishments, on sidewalks, around pools, and in other situations where wet or slippery conditions may exist. When these accidents happen on someone else’s property – property that should have been maintained and kept safe – you may be entitled to seek… Read Full Post
Posted: June 11, 2020
“How do I determine negligence in an accident?” Negligence – essentially means failure to exercise reasonable care. Keep in mind there are many kinds of accidents that happen every day in our local area of Naples, Fort Myers, Atlanta, GA, and Florida. They range from the simple tripping action… Read Full Post
Posted: March 09, 2020
Spring football season is about to start for high schoolers across South Florida. Football is a contact sport, meaning these young athletes are no strangers to injury. However, the biggest risk to players may not be concussions or broken bones, but a highly preventable condition called heatstroke… Read Full Post
Posted: October 23, 2019
James “Jim for Justice” Kelleher and our entire team at Kelleher Law are proud to announce our newest attorney, Mary Fowler. Mary is a driven attorney who sees cases from start to finish to make sure her clients reach the best settlement or verdict possible. Her specialties include auto accidents,… Read Full Post
Posted: July 30, 2019
Our personal injury attorney, James “Jim for Justice” Kelleher, has been recognized by the American Institute of Legal Counsel’s “Top 10 Attorneys” in Florida. The organization started in 2014 to identify excellence in the legal field and provide clients that information so they can benefit from… Read Full Post
Posted: May 03, 2019
Kelleher Law is pleased to share that our founding lawyer, James “Jim for Justice” Kelleher, has been awarded the Lawyers of Distinction title and membership. This organization recognizes lawyers with outstanding case results, experience, and work ethic. Attorneys who are nominated aren’t… Read Full Post