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Posted: March 28, 2019
Pain and suffering is a phrase that encompasses multiple areas of compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. There are both mental and physical pain and suffering that’s taken into consideration. For example, an auto accident caused by distracted driving that led to permanent injury and PTSD would… Read Full Post
Posted: March 22, 2019
Our personal injury clients typically ask the same questions, which is why we’ve compiled a video library of short clips that answer frequently asked questions about these claims such as auto accidents, workers’ compensation, and slip and fall accidents. Check out our videos to learn more about the… Read Full Post
Posted: March 19, 2019
Our personal injury attorney, James Kelleher, believes that the relationship between an attorney and client relies on honesty and comfort, which is why our initial consultation is always free. During your consultation with one of our attorneys, we will discuss the details of your personal injury… Read Full Post
Posted: February 27, 2019
Pain and suffering is an ambiguous term. Most people have heard of this area of damages in personal injury claims, but what does pain and suffering actually entail? There are two primary forms: Physical pain and suffering and mental pain and suffering. These aspects of an injury have to be… Read Full Post
Posted: January 31, 2019
Kelleher Law is excited to share that our founding attorney, James Kelleher, has been selected to join the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). Our “Jim for Justice” is an excellent addition to the ABOTA Foundation as he’s worked for more than 30 years to help victims of personal injury… Read Full Post
Posted: November 21, 2018
Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the year. An estimated 51 million people will travel this year, and around 90 percent will do so by motor vehicle, which means you’re sharing the road with 45.5 million travelers. More cars on the roads mean you’re more likely to be in an auto accident… Read Full Post
Posted: November 16, 2018
Catastrophic injury claims involve a variety of serious injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, or wrongful death. It’s essential you contact a catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure you receive just compensation for the pain and suffering you or your loved one… Read Full Post
Posted: September 12, 2018
When you think of a slip and fall accident, you may picture one of those “Life Alert” commercials, but slip and falls can happen to anyone, causing injuries that can range from a sprained ankle to long-term disability. That said, it doesn’t mean you have a case just because you were harmed on… Read Full Post
Posted: August 29, 2018
Like all personal injury cases, slip and fall accidents can be complicated. At their most basic level, they involve a trip or slip that results in an injury. But there are many questions that arise after that initial accident. Below, we have provided an overview of the basic information that you… Read Full Post
Posted: August 23, 2018
When it comes to personal injuries, spinal cord injuries can be the most devastating. Not only can it cost a tremendous amount for medical and rehabilitation bills but you may suffer permanent disability. Spinal cord injuries can occur in a number of ways but if your injury was caused by the… Read Full Post