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Posted: May 28, 2019
You know that distracted driving is a problem. You may even think you’re a superstar at avoiding phone calls and texting while you drive, but research from several apps and companies that monitor phone use and driving, suggests otherwise. One company, Zendrive, took data from millions of cellphones… Read Full Post
Posted: February 11, 2019
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine people are killed each day in car accidents involving distracted drivers, and more than 1,000 suffer personal injuries. Distracted driving includes any activity that takes your attention away from the road. Learn how you can stay… Read Full Post
Posted: February 01, 2019
Whether you’re rooting for the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams, you likely have big plans for this coming Sunday. Friends and families across the country will gather in front of their big screens, while others will head to a local bar or restaurant to root on their team. Thousands more… Read Full Post
Posted: January 22, 2019
Up against the commercial trucking industry, truck accident victims often face a much more difficult legal process than car accident victims. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, it’s important to understand the complexities you may encounter when seeking compensation for your suffering.… Read Full Post
Posted: September 28, 2018
The steps you take following a car accident are essential to your claim. Contact an attorney before speaking with the insurance company. They’re not on your side and are given incentives to give you as little compensation for your vehicle damage and injuries as possible. Learn more about car… Read Full Post
Posted: May 22, 2018
The roads are a busy place as the need to commute for work, errands, and activities make driving a necessity for most people. Along with hectic schedules and overall busier lives, the potential for motor vehicle accidents is high. In the infographic below, we outline recent statistics from the… Read Full Post
Posted: March 14, 2018
When you're in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else’s carelessness your life can be turned upside down. What’s worse is if you or anyone in your vehicle suffers catastrophic injury because of the accident. Vehicles can be fixed but the trauma of a serious personal injury and the… Read Full Post