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Posted: February 15, 2023
Driver negligence is among the leading causes of auto accidents in the United States. A relatively broad term, driver negligence encompasses a range of behaviors that increase risks for accidents, placing everyone on the road in danger of serious or fatal injury. Common examples of driver… Read Full Post
Posted: January 30, 2023
Here’s some shocking news: more than 700,000 hit-and-run accidents happen yearly. A majority of the victims in these accidents are bicyclists and pedestrians. And only 10 percent of hit-and-run accidents are solved. These findings from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety illustrate how widespread… Read Full Post
Posted: August 18, 2022
Some over-the-counter medications can interfere with cognitive processing and physical response time. For example, cough syrup, decongestants, antihistamines, sleep aids, and more might result in delayed response time, increased instances of distraction, and heightened risks for an accident.… Read Full Post
Posted: August 08, 2022
Pedestrian safety is a common concern in areas frequented by tourists. Unfamiliarity with streets, the excitement of being on vacation, and new sights and distractions can all increase the risk of collision with a pedestrian – and as we approach another school year, talking to your children about… Read Full Post
Posted: June 21, 2022
New research has found that larger vehicles, such as SUVs, vans, pickup trucks, and minivans are more likely to strike cyclists than smaller vehicles such as passenger cars. This is particularly true when large vehicles are turning, an act that sees risks for bicycle accidents increase as much as… Read Full Post
Posted: May 09, 2022
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This coincides with the beginning of what is traditionally the riding season in the U.S. However, the amazing weather we enjoy year-round allows residents and visitors of Florida to ride at any time. Nonetheless, taking time this month to reassess your… Read Full Post
Posted: April 12, 2022
April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. How distracted are you? Distraction is a broad term that encompasses anything that is not directly related to the task of driving. The three primary types of distracted driving are: Visual. This includes reading, looking at signs, rubbernecking, and… Read Full Post
Posted: February 10, 2022
According to the National Highway Travel Safety Administration, occurrences of drunk driving are 22% higher on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other Sunday of the year. Some of these drivers are pulled over before they have a chance to injure others, but Super Bowl Sunday also sees an increase in… Read Full Post
Posted: January 12, 2022
You’ve likely heard that there is a shortage of skilled truck drivers in the United States. Trucking can be a lucrative career, but for many, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a cab and the uncertainty of “pay-by-the-load” contracts has made it an unenticing option, even for those who have… Read Full Post
Posted: November 10, 2021
53.4 million people will travel for Thanksgiving this year according to AAA’s forecast. This marks a 13% increase over 2020 and finds travel for the holiday within 5% of pre-pandemic levels – when traffic was increasing year over year. According to AAA, 48.3 million people will travel by car to… Read Full Post