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Posted: October 16, 2020
Neck injury is a common consequence of accidents. Motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and any other type of accident in which impact to the head, neck, or back is possible can result in damage, but identifying a neck injury can be very difficult if you’re not certain what to look for… Read Full Post
Posted: April 20, 2020
In this podcast, Jim Kelleher, managing partner of the Kelleher Law Firm in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, discusses why you don't need to pay a lawyer the extra fees involved with retaining an attorney for representation after an auto accident. This short and informative podcast will provide you… Read Full Post
Posted: March 23, 2020
Immediately after an auto accident, your mind is racing. Is anyone hurt? Should I seek medical treatment? Should I call the police? What is the damage to the cars? Is the other driver to blame for the accident? Your emotions are on a high. You need to think clearly as you will need to work with… Read Full Post
Posted: May 28, 2019
You know that distracted driving is a problem. You may even think you’re a superstar at avoiding phone calls and texting while you drive, but research from several apps and companies that monitor phone use and driving, suggests otherwise. One company, Zendrive, took data from millions of cellphones… Read Full Post
Posted: February 15, 2019
The aftermath of a car accident is often overwhelming and you may forget some steps that are otherwise obvious such as speaking with the police and telling the officer what happened. Tell him or her if you’re injured, and if you don’t notice any injuries right away, be aware that they may show up a… Read Full Post
Posted: January 25, 2019
Car accidents and truck accidents can both involve catastrophic injuries and death, but truck accidents tend to cause devastating injuries more often. These collisions are investigated differently as there are federal regulations in place to ensure the truck driver is operating the truck properly… Read Full Post
Posted: January 22, 2019
Many factors go into determining who is at fault in a car accident. Documenting evidence is a key factor, and signs of an accident such as a piece of the bumper that fell off, disappear from the scene quickly. The sooner you call our auto accident attorney in Ft Myers and Naples, the stronger your… Read Full Post
Posted: November 21, 2018
Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the year. An estimated 51 million people will travel this year, and around 90 percent will do so by motor vehicle, which means you’re sharing the road with 45.5 million travelers. More cars on the roads mean you’re more likely to be in an auto accident… Read Full Post
Posted: June 19, 2018
Here in Florida, the rainy season is upon us. It’s that time of year when heavy rains and winds occur more frequently as strong storms shower the state on a weekly basis. This year, the National Weather Service (NWS) announced that May 15 was the start of the rainy season in Florida, an earlier… Read Full Post
Posted: March 30, 2018
If you’re in a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another, it’s important to understand the difference between being uninsured versus underinsured. In the video below, attorney Jim Kelleher of Kelleher Law explains the difference so you know what it means if you’re injured in an… Read Full Post